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FSB’s offer to DNR: « All we need is a basement »


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Today the Ukrainian National Security Council released a new intercepted call, this time, allegedly, between Alexander Zacharchenko, self-appointed PM of the self-declared DNR, and a certain Alexey Markov.

Alexey Markov (right) the Moscow chief of the fund-raising organization for the DNR/LNR entitites. His role has been to gather donations, in kind and in cash, to purchase goodies and « military equipment » for the militias in Eastern Ukraine.

The website where his account number and contacts are given, says that

due to the fact that our fund-raising for military equipment for the rebels in Novorossiya has gone beyond  a single campaign, we have set up a coordination center » etc etc

Alexey Markov is a self-described communist, likes Dire Straits. Apparently, if we are to believe the authenticity of the tape, his fund-raising-for-arms activity is done in close coordination with the FSB, given that he was used as conduit to make « DNR »…

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