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Un baton dans les roues de la propagande russe


Russia Today est une agence médiatique crée et financée par le Kremlin depuis 2005:

  • Budget: au moins 300 000 000 $ par an.
  • Employés: plus de 2000.
  • Diffusion: sur Facebook et sur Youtube, près d’1 000 000 d’abonnés; et totalise pour ses vidéos plus d’1 000 000 000 de vues. Aux USA, RT est accessible à 86 000 000 d’abonnés du câble.

Parmi les comptes Youtube des agences de presse en 2012, RT détenait le record de vidéos téléchargées.


Throwing a Wrench In Russia’s Propaganda Machine

RTbyTHEINTERPRETERRT, also known as Russia Today (that’s not entirely accurate anymore, but it’s a long story), is the English-language Russian media Goliath which has a lot to boast about. A 2012 Pew Research poll found that RT had the most Youtube videos of any news agency on the planet. The Kremlin-operated agency is now available to more than 86 million cable subscribers in the United States alone, and boasts over 1 million Facebook “likes,” adding to its more than one billion Youtube channel views and more than one million Youtube subscri
bers. While it’s easy to dismiss the channel as a propaganda outlet (it is) with no real credibility, the fact is that it appeals to wide segments of the populace spanning both the East and the West. In countries with democratic systems that are already bitterly divided over politics and policy, influencing just a small part of the populace could be enough to tip the scales and change the course of geopolitics.

It is curious, then, that The Interpreter – a magazine which is barely a year old (RT was established in 2005), has an extremely small staff (RT has over 2,000 staffers), and runs on a tight budget (donate here because, in contrast, RT is given more than $300 million each year by the Kremlin) — should increasingly come under attack by some of the network’s staff members and television guests. In recent weeks, we’ve been attacked on Twitter by one of their senior political correspondents and host of In the Now, Anissa Naouai. We’ve been showered by a sea of tweets [ … Read more by James Miller, 18 juin 2014, THEINTERPRETER]




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