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Démarches pour libérer le père Paolo, Abu Mariam et les centaines » de militants kidnappés par les groupes djihadistes de Raqqa.


Manifestations contre les groupes djihadistes dans la ville de Raqqa, pour réclamer la libération des « centaines » de militants kidnappés, dont le P. Dall’Oglio:


La révolution Syrienne en France الثورة السورية في فرنسا

« Démarches pour libérer le père Paolo »

Source : (association des amis de Mar Moussa, lien ci-dessous)

Plusieurs instances multiplient actuellement les démarches pour savoir où et par qui le père Paolo est détenu. Et s’il est sain et sauf.

Le Vatican suit la situation de près, selon le quotidien La Croix, le contact du Vatican en Syrie se fait « par le biais de la nonciature apostolique à Damas et la Curie générale des jésuites à Rome ».

Dans le même temps, des manifestations contre les groupes djihadistes se déroulent dans la ville de Raqqa, pour réclamer la libération des « centaines » de militants kidnappés, dont le P. Dall’Oglio.

L’association Les Amis de Mar Moussa a demandé à l’ambassadeur italien en Suisse, au Centre oecuménique à Genève et au Ministère suisse des affaires étrangères à Berne de faire tout leur possible pour avoir des nouvelles des disparus.


Abu Mariam: Depuis 2011 en lutte contre le système Assad puis contre Al-Qaeda en 2013:

Syrian Atheists


Freedom for Wael Ibrahim known as Abu Mariam. He is a secular revolution activist arrested for the second time by Al Qaeda in Aleppo for over a month after being flogged the first time for throwing Al Qaeda islamist flag away in one of the Anti-Assad demonstrations that he have been organizing peacefully since the beginning of the revolution.

Abu Mariam (the nick name he likes to use meaning father of Mariam AKA Mary) organized hundreds of huge demonstrations in Aleppo, Regime thugs couldn’t stop him and the islamists won’t be able either.

Brave Abu Mariam tossing Islamic state and Al Qaeda flags in demonstrations, Abu Mariam:” give me this shit, no get the fuck out”:

6 months ago he was brutally flogged for insulting Allah and Islam. Now they had him for over a month and we don’t know what horrors he will face with these savages.

Here he was also beaten recently by extremists:

Please share and let the world know. Abu Mariam the secular Syrian Ghandi who played with the role of the revolution’s father in the city of Aleppo is in danger from the islamist animals who know nothing but the language of violence.



Commentaire de Syrian Atheists sous sa publication:

I can’t find words to describe Abu Mariam. Its true I only met him through Facebook but he is sometimes more influential than entire governments. Someone is arrested or kidnapped Abu Mariam gets them out. You want to divert regime forces from over bombarding of a neighborhood; Abu Mariam will start demonstrations in 10 different neighborhoods in Aleppo. You need blood for a field hospital, Abu Mariam well get you donors lining up. You need aid workers volunteers, Abu Mariam and his boys are here to help.

He is a moderate Muslim from the streets of Aleppo, yet he never treated me any different after knowing, I am an Atheist. He told me the common believe people should have is human life sacredness, everything else is a choice.

Abu Mariam dogged torture, imprisonment and death several times. He is willing to sacrifice anything for a civil democratic Syria, rid of Assad and Al Qaeda.

Share and tell others please…. We need him back




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