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Appels pour armer l’ASL et la mise en place d’une No Fly Zone contre Assad.


12 Juin 2013:

Les activistes syriens réclament un soutien militaire international urgent contre Assad. Depuis 2012, les syriens réclament des livraisons d’armes pour l’Armée Syrienne Libre, et la mise en place d’une zone d’exclusion aérienne contre les forces pro-Assad.

Pasdarans iraniens, milices chiites irakienne et libanaise du Hezbollah, autres mercenaires russes ou barbouzes turcs,  ravagent la Syrie.

Appel de la Coalition Nationale Syrienne:

La CNS publie un appel à signer et diffuser aux rédactions étrangères:

Write a letter to your local paper


  • We want to bring an end to the crisis in order to protect vital U.S. national security interests in the Middle East, including protecting U.S. allies bordering Syria, deprive Iran of its staunchest ally, and cut its lifeline to Hezbollah, a designated terrorist organization.
  • Ending the crisis will save lives, and reduce the destabilizing flow of refugees into other countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey.
  • President Obama has stated that if chemical weapons were to be used in Syria, it would constitute a “red line” that would be a “game-changer” and “change [his] calculation” toward intervening to stop the government’s slaughter of civilians in Syria.
  • Intervention does not require US ground troops. It requires a measured and incremental provision of arms to vetted and moderate troops who are committed to the Geneva Convention, to civilian control, and to post-conflict disarmament.
  • The international community should establish a humanitarian corridor so Syrian families can get medicine and aid and can sleep without the sound of shelling or fear of molestation.
  • The international community has the responsibility to protect the Syrian people from the ongoing atrocities and should implement the necessary measures to stop the violence and help topple the regime […]

Les activistes syriens relaient l’appel:

 » Join the Emergency Call-In Campaign to the White House, tomorrow, June 12th, to voice your support for arming the Free Syrian Army as the Obama Administration is holding high level talks this week to decide whether they will provide arms to vetted FSA soldiers. Every action we take counts! »

La Coalition pour une Syrie démocratique (association de groupes activistes syriens, démocrates, expatriés, humanitaires)

National Call-In Day: Call White House and Voice Support For Arming the Free Syrian Army (FSA)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Obama Administration is currently holding high level talks to decide whether they will arm the Free Syrian Army. SEE: White House Close to A Decision on Arming Syria Rebels

A decision could be made as early as this week! It is vital that we rally together and voice our support for the arming of the FSA and a No-Fly Zone. The revolution is facing a critical turning point. The time to act is NOW!

We are asking that you participate in a National Call-In tomorrow, June 12 2013 to the White House and Congress voicing support for the arming of the FSA and a No-Fly Zone.

White House Comment Line: (202) 456-1111

White House Email Contact Form:

Find your representatives phone number here:

Sample Script:

Hi, my name is ______ , and I am calling to voice my support in arming the Free Syrian Army and or implementing a no-fly zone over Syria with the support of US allies in the region. It is time for the US government to take concrete steps in protecting the Syrian people, supporting the Free Syrian Army and ending this two year long conflict. Doing the above is in the best interests of the Syrian people and the United States. Thank you.

Please don’t stop there!! We are also asking that you take part in a letter-writing campaign. Letters to editor and op-ed’s are powerful means of communication that can help sway public opinion. For information on how to write a persuasive and effective letter to the editor, and links to newspaper contact information, please see:

For recommended talking points:

Le dernier lien renvoi à la précédente lettre de la CNS, et à une autre lettre type (ci-dessous) diffusée par la CDS:

Recommended Letter to the Editor Talking Points:

Importance of Arming the Free Syrian Army/No-Fly Zone

  • Time is of the essence. The Assad regime has made significant gains on the ground with major support from  Hezbollah and Iranian troops, as seen in Qusayr, Homs last week. Rebels were forced to withdraw from Qusayr due to a lack of ammunition.
  • The regime, Hezbollah and Iranian troops now control a vital city region in Syria that increases weapon flow from Hezbollah, cuts off arms from the rebels and gives the regime more direct access to areas that have been under opposition control for long periods of time.
  • The presence of Hezbollah and Iran inside Syria has led to further sectarian tensions within the country and has clearly spilled into Lebanon; the entire region is at risk of much worse to come if this axis is not weakened.

  • Assad now feels emboldened and as though he is winning the war, destroying whatever chance there was of a negotiated political settlement unless the playing field is balanced and the regime is forced to the negotiating table.

  • This is done by providing strategic and defensive weapons to vetted elements of the Free Syrian Army, under the umbrella of the Supreme Military Council (SMC) headed by General Salim Idriss, as well as the implementation of a no-fly zone with our allies.

  • Through the SMC we can identify the good guys on the ground and empower them thereby lessening the role and influence of the minority extremist fighters inside Syria.

  • A no-fly zone would land Assad’s air force as well as end the deployment of SCUD missiles that he has used to kill thousands of innocent civilians.

  • A professional armed opposition will help to reduce the risks of sectarian strife, revenge attacks, and a protracted civil war after the fall of Assad

  • If the international community fails to provide the necessary strategic military support, it will only help to contribute to a vacuum in Syria where radical foreign forces flourish.

  • A unified military force that is well equipped and supported will serve to ensure that any biological and chemical weapons in Assad’s arsenal will be documented and accounted for and remain within the sovereign borders of Syria.

  • A hands-off approach in Syria is only serving to exacerbate the conflict by allowing anti-American and extremist elements to gain a foothold. The United States must engage in a meaningful policy in Syria that includes tipping the balance of power away from Assad militarily.

  • We are not advocating for American boots on the ground. We are asking for arms to be supplied to vetted FSA, and a no fly-zone to take out Assad’s air defenses.

  • Steps must be taken by the US and the international to force the Assad regime to the negotiating table and departure. Up until now, Assad has not felt enough pressure to consider any path other than mass murder and destruction to maintain his power. In order for political settlement to be possible, Assad must realize that he has no other way to turn. A military counterbalance to the Assad regime has become the only way to achieve this.


    Salim Idris “Give Us the Weapons We Need To Beat Assad”

    Foreign Policy:,0

    How to write a Letter to the editor:

Soutien de la diplomatie française

Syrie : Fabius appelle à arrêter la progression des forces d’Assad (Le avec AFP le 12 juin 2013). Le ministre des affaires étrangères français appelle les États-Unis et leurs alliés à arrêter:

[…] la progression vers Alep des troupes du régime syrien, soutenues par l’Iran et le Hezbollah libanais, qui préparent un assaut majeur contre cette ville du Nord.

« Il faut qu’on puisse arrêter cette progression avant Alep. C’est la prochaine cible à la fois du Hezbollah et des Iraniens, a déclaré le ministre, interrogé sur France 2. Il faut un rééquilibrage [entre les troupes du régime et la résistance] parce qu’au cours des dernières semaines les troupes de Bachar Al-Assad, et surtout le Hezbollah et les Iraniens, avec les armes russes, ont regagné un terrain considérable. »

« Bachar […] a utilisé de façon scandaleuse les armes chimiques, a-t-il insisté. Il faut qu’on l’arrête parce que, s’il n’y a pas de rééquilibrage sur le terrain, il n’y aura pas de conférence de la paix à Genève car l’opposition n’acceptera pas d’y venir. Or il faut une solution politique. » Américains et Russes s’efforcent d’organiser une conférence de paix sur la Syrie en juillet dans la ville suisse.


Les troupes syriennes, aidées par des combattants du Hezbollah chiite, ont repris début juin aux rebelles la ville stratégique de Qoussair, sur la route d’Alep.« Derrière la question syrienne, il y a la question iranienne, a poursuivi M. Fabius. Si on n’est pas capables d’empêcher l’Iran de prendre la main sur la Syrie, quelle crédibilité aura-t-on en exigeant qu’elle n’ait pas l’arme atomique ? Donc, tout est lié. » Les Occidentaux soupçonnent l’Iran de vouloir se doter de l’arme nucléaire sous couvert de son programme atomique civil.

Lire : Syrie : après Qoussair, Alep ?

Tout en plaidant pour « que les résistants [syriens] puissent se défendre, qu’ils disposent d’armes », Laurent Fabius a ajouté : « Il nous faut respecter la réglementation européenne qui dit que c’est à partir du 1er août que des armes puissantes peuvent être données […]


La CDS recrute pour son bureau à l’ONU:

Coalition for a Democratic Syria – CDS التحالف من أجل سورية ديمقراطية

The National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces has an immediate opening for an intern seeking to work in its United Nations Representative Office in New York, NY.

The New York Office serves as the SC’s official liaison to the United Nations on matters relating to the pro-democracy movement, including coordination and delivery of much-needed humanitarian aid to Syria.

Intern will gain valuable UN experience, perform writing and research tasks, assist with communications, social media, diplomatic correspondance and general office support. Undergraduate student or higher in the areas of international relations, political science, communications, journalism, public policy or other related fields.

The ideal candidate for this position will have excellent academic credentials, superb writing skills, strong communication skills (both verbal and written) and will be a strong team-player. Reading and writing fluency in Arabic is preferred.


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