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A l’attention de l’UNICEF: en Syrie des enfants meurent de faim et de déshydratation — Appels à l’aide de Houla août 2012.


Famine et malnutrition en Syrie.
Coordination of Doctors in Homs


This photo is not in Somalia or in any remote area in Africa ..
This is in Syria and to be more specific in the Al Houla.
About a week ago , this child with his mother appeared in a video clip directed an urgent appeal to the Dead humanitarian conscience of the world because of the lack of food in the area of Al-Houla , yet like always , no one answered that call !
And this is the video when she appealed! Watch it if you have some time to spare here !

Today, the child died in front of his mother’s eyes due to the severe malnutrition for a period over an entire week when no one offered a hand to this poor little child , not milk or baby formula !!
This is the video for this little child passed away due to famine in the stricken Al-Houla !

His death is absolutely a disgrace on the forehead of humanity in this despicable world !
In this world who made a big issue out of an injured cat and have not moved for the scenes and screams of appeals of mothers of hungry infants!!


Les vidéos [1] ont été mises en ligne le 12 et le 17 août 2012, elle montrent l’enfant en train de mourir de faim et de déshydratation dans Houla assiégée.
Coordination of Doctors in Homs

Homs, Al-Houla|| Infant dies from the lack of food and dehydration in the besieged city of homs.


Coordination of Doctors in Homs

To the UNICEF, a call for help- Syria
a call for help from a mom with her child dying in her arms August 11-2012
Syria, Al Hola, August 11-2012, (( Save the children of Syria, they are starving to death))[English subtitles]


الثورة السورية بلغات العالم Syrian Revolution in the languages of the world

Video translated into several languages :
Important Request To UNICEF and all human right organizations we urge you to immeditaly intervene to stop the imposed siege on cities and villages in Syria from the Syrian regime gangs. You have to endure your responsibility in front of the world .. Syrian Children are Dying !!

نــــــــداااء هـــــاااااام ::
إلى منظمة اليونيسف وجميع منظمات حقوق الأنسان نطالبكم بالتدخل العاجل لوقف الحصـار المفورض على المدن والقرى السورية من عصابات النظام السوري المجرم
عليكم أن تتحملوا مسؤوليتكم امام العـالم أجمع … اطفال سوريا يموتون !!

English :
To the UNICEF, Syria, a call for help from a mom with her child dying in her arms, August 11-2012

Français – French :
A l’intention de l’UNICEF: Syrie un appel à l’aide d’une maman 11 aout 2012

Video ajoutée le 13 aout [2] par srvlw11

« French : A l’intention de l’UNICEF — Syrie : un appel à l’aide d’une maman avec son enfant qui est en train de mourir dans ses bras — 11 aout 2012 Syrie, Homs, Houla ».

Русский – Russian :
Сирия – Хомс – сигнал бедствия из города Хула

Español – Spanish :
Un llamamiento de socorro a la UNICEF,Siria de una mujer con su niño en brazos y muriendose agosto.2012

Deutsch – German :
An die UNICEF Ein Hilferuf aus Syrien Ein Hilferuf einer Mutter mit ihrem Kind 11 August 2012

Italiano :
Per l’UNICEF,Siria, Al Hola, agosto 11-2012


[1] video 1: Ajoutée par skynewsarabia.
Video 2:

شاهدوا معاناتنا اطفالنا تموت بين يدينا من قلة الغذاء ولانستيطع عمل شيئ لهم والله لن نسامحكم على دماء اطفالنا
المكتب الاعلامي في الحولة

Le compte YouTube nontherful, avait mis en ligne des vidéos du massacre de civils et d’enfants a Al Houla le 25 mai 2012

translated by « the Syrian revolution in the languages of the world » team


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