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Bruits et rumeurs de massacres dans les prisons syriennes


Messages d’alerte publies dans la nuit de samedi 14 juillet au dimanche 15: «  » Selon les activistes et les témoins, le Régime commence a massacrer les détenus et les prisonniers dans les centres de détention et les prisons!
Des activistes affirment que la prison de Deir EzZor a été bombardée, il y aurait eu 30 tués et 140 blessés! Dans une prison d’Alep, un nombre indéterminé de détenus ont été fusillés! SVP partagez et faites le savoir au monde! Le Régime massacre nos détenus! » »

British Syrians & Friends in Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution

According to activists and witnesses,

The regime is committing massacres against the detainees and prisoners in Al-Assad detention centers and prisons!
Activists speak about targeting a The central Prison in Dier Al-Zor and shelling it, killing around 30 detainees and injuring around 140 others !
Another separate event happened in prison in Aleppo where unknown numbers of detainees were executed by gunfire!

Please share and let the world know ! The regime is committing massacres against our detainees !



«  » Urgent: Deir Ez-Zor, bruits de tirs après la mutinerie dans la prison. » »

شبكة أخبار ثورة العاصي||Alaasi Revolution News Network

عاجل :: سماع اصوات اطلاق نار في السجن ديرالزور المركزي، بعد قيام السجناء بعصيان داخل السجن.



Mise a jour du 22 juillet: message reçu:
RT 17h ago #Homs SOS central prison to FSA: Shabiha opened fire at prisoners. Demand to act fast. Fear of new massacre. PLZ share and spread

SOS from Homs central prison to FSA: Security and shabiha forces have entered the prison and opened fire at prisoners. There have been two martyrs so far. We demand you to act fast. The situation is very bad. A new massacre is being perpetrated inside the prison. Please share and spread the word. Our brothers are being exterminated. WE NEED TO ACT!
There is a huge Mutiny at Homs central Prison
Armed Prison Guards joined the Mutiny
Mukhabarat and shabiha surrounded the Prison
4 Rockets from the sky ended this and FSA is moving in now Mutiny ongoing


Mise a jour 24 juillet 2012:
5500 prisonniers de la prison centrale de Homs sans eau ni nourriture depuis 4 jours.
Patrick Foster

Ugariti Homsi @Ugariti_Homsi
Activists: 5,500 detainees in #Homs Central Prison been left w/out foor nor water for the 4th day. #Syria


Yalla Souriya

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

IMPORTANT, please share
Homs Central Prison update: A phone call was made by Syrian Revolution General Commission activist Hadi Al-Abdullah to a prisoner inside the besieged prison. They have been without food or water or electricity from yesterday and they are now hungry especially in the month of Ramadan. There are women and children in the prison who are struggling to cope. The siege continues with a risk of a massacre taking place. Urgent help is needed to protect the prisoners



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