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Ultimate Call from besieged Old Homs: Activist Khaled Abu Salah in the last medical point.


Ultime appel des assiégés: L’activiste Khaled Abu Salah dans le dernier centre médical du vieux Homs.

The Syrian Revolution 2011 الثورة السورية ضد بشار الاسد
أعمال جديدة مترجمة : 16- حزيران -2012 :: فيديوهات جديدة مترجمة للغة الإنكليزية..
للنشر والتوزيع إلى كافة الصحفيين وقنوات الاخبار العالمية وكافة الناشطين ومنظمات مجال حقوق الإنسان والحريات ..
الرجاء فتح الروابط لكل فيديو (وليس صورة الفيديو فقط ) وتقيم الفيديوهات والتعليق ان امكن لدعم الفيديوهات ..
الرجاء ضغط زر المشاركة ونسخ اللنكات كاملاً لوضعها في الشرح
ومشاركتها مع جميع اصدقائكم أيضاً ..

New: 16- June -2012: new subtitled videos from Syria
Kindly share them with all the journalists, TV channels, newspapers and Human rights organizations to support the Syrian people in their demand for freedom.

ترجمة فريق العمل

Syrian4all team

Lattakia / Al Haffah,Al kass A Children’s Massacre

0:24: « ou sont les musulmans? Ou sont les arabes? Ou sont les USA?« .
Un message lu et entendu des centaines de fois. Le 9 juin, dans la province de Lattakia, un massacre d’enfants.

10, June 2012 Al Assad Thugs Drill Graves For Citizens In The Streets Of Al Khaldyeh

15, June, 2012 Homs/ Al-Hamydiah Neighbourhood: Homes are being burnt!

15, June, 2012 A Panoramic View of Homs City Burning By Assadi Gangs

15, June, 2012 Homs: Khaldiya and Bayadha Neighbourhoods Under a Heavy Shelling

Aleppo,Salah Al Deen Neighborhood One of The Martyrs Shot With The Bullets of The Security Force

Homs/Al Rastan New Massacre of Women and Children Due to Shelling.

h2 id= »watch-headline-title » style= »text-align:left; »>Activist,Khaled Abu Salah in a Field Hospital in Old Homs.

0’30: »… And the doctors are absolutely helpless… »
0’45: « … We are being killed now; We are being killed at the hands of the Russians. The Russians are becoming the Syrian people N°1 enemy. Russia provides the political cover and the military support for the Assad regime… »
1’15: « … The international community is standing helpless, unable to stop the blood bath in Syria. The doctors are unable to provide anything for this wounded people, and many tens more… »
Publiée le 15 juin 2012 par syrian4allworld qui note:  »

The humanitarian situation in Homs is desperate. Homs is under ruthless siege. The heroic activist Khaled Abu Salah makes a call for all Syrians and for the world in the Last Medical Point in Homs. Will you answer his call,people?
Be fair; take a stand…help Homs,now!

Translated and subtitled by Syrian4allWorld team.
Original video link:
Up-to-date and verified videos from Syria uploaded everyday with subtitles ..
Please rate comment and share to support the Syrian revolution.
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The Syrian Revolution General Commission:
« URGENT: Homs: A call for help We are calling on the Red Crescent, International Red Cross, all human rights organisations and the UN observers to make their way immediately to the besieged neighborhoods within the province of Homs, especially Alkhaldiyeh.
There is an urgent need for injuries to be removed as there are dozens in need of vital and dangerous operations and this cannot be done in the small field hospitals. The injuries are in a critical condition and need urgent help. Any delay will lead to their death.« 

14, June 2012 Idleb, Dair Sunbol . Bombardment leaves even animals dead

Duma Burning up of Houses and Rising of Columns of Smoke due to Heavy Bombardment

14, June, 2012 Al-Rastan: Injures due to Air Shelling by rockets

14 June, 2012 Woman injured in shelling of Al-Houla, Homs

13, June, 2012 Children killed by random bombing, Talbeesah, and Ar-Rastan,

14 June, 2012 Shilka shooting randomly in Douma

Vidéo publiée par le compte syrian4allworld qui note:  » An anti-air craft shilka  » Russian weaponry « shooting randomly, in the direction of the cameraman and his companions. Assad Forces are spreading horror in the districts of Douma, and it can’t get any clearer that they are the real terrorists!
Translated and subtitled by Syrian4allWorld team.
Original video link:
Up-to-date and verified videos from Syria uploaded everyday with subtitles ..
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14, June, 2012 Homs- Al-Waer – the martyr , the hero, Dr. Khaled Hameed Mubarak

14 June, 2012 Massacre in Hamoria, Damascus Countryside

The impacts of destruction in Al-Hameera district

14 June, 2012 Civilian slaughtered by knives in Hamoria, Damascus Countryside

14, June, 2012 Fire Breaks Out in Old Homs Districts Due to The Continuous Shelling

14 June, 2012 Child injury from a sniper’s bullet in Ezaz, Aleppo Countryside

14 June, 2012 Heavy shelling on old Homs by mortars

14 June, 2012 Martyrs and injuries in a makeshift hospital in Rastan



From → "@>Réseaux sociaux, "@Facebook, "@Youtube, "{, "{_Human Rights Watch (HRW), "{_[Human Rights Watch Moyen-Orient, ##, #|Syrie, #|[01/Damascus governorate, #|[01a/Damascus City - Damas, #|[02b/Douma District - Duma, #|[02Rif Dimashq دمشق -, #|[02}Hamoryah, #|[04/Dara`a Governorate درعا - Daraa, #|[04a/Al-Sanamayn District (منطقة الصنمين‎) -, #|[06/Homs Governorate مُحافظة حمص -, #|[06a/Homs District, #|[06a}Homs al Adima (Vieux Homs ) (حمصالأديمة) - Old Homs, #|[06c/Al-Rastan District (منطقة الرستن‎) -, #|[06c02Talbiseh nahiyah (ناحية تلبيسة) -, #|[06}Al-Houla/ Al-Houle/ Al-Houleh/ Al-Hoole/ Al-Hawleh/ Hula/ Al-Hola/, #|[08/Province de Lattaquié اللاذقي - Latakia Governorate مُحافظة اللاذقية -, #|[08a/Al-Haffah District (منطقة الحفة‎) -, #|[08a}Al Kass, #|[08__Al-Khaledeyah/Khaldiyah district, #|[10/Idlib إدلب-, #|[10}Dair Sunbol - Deir Sonbol, #|[11/Aleppo Governorate حلب -, #|[11c/Aʻzāz District -, #|[11}Alep حلب -, #|[11}Salah Al-Deen (district?), @"Révolution, @#"Syria revolution, @#-Activists, @--Khaled Abou Salah, Al Bayada, Al Waer distirct, Al-Hameera District, Al-Hamydiah, Appels à l'aide extérieure, Demandes d'assistance humanitaire, Demandes d'assistance mediatique, Hôpitaux de campagne - Makeshift Hospitals - Field Hospitals., \<Dictatorship, \[Régime Assad:, \\Active Measures, \}Normalisation, \}\Siège, \}]Bombardements, \}]Répression, \}}Terreur, \}}_Massacres

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