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Latest events in besieged Homs – 6/5/2012. By English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution.


20120506-195047.jpgEnglish Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

the doctor is picking it all up from under the rubble and they need every single pill!!

A doctor trying to pick up some medecines still usefull, to carry them to a new field hospital. instead of the one in the video that was shelled by the syrian army.


تظيف الأحياء وتغيير مكان المشفى الميداني بعد قصفه

Publiée le  6 mai 2012 par

يقوم أحياء حمص القديمة بتنظيف الأحياء تشجيعاً منهم للأهالي في العودة إلى منازلهم , وجميعهم من كادر المشفى الميداني الذي تم قصفه , حيث نرى الطبيب وهو يخرج الدواء من تحت الأنقاض كي ينقله إلى المشفى الميداني الجديد .



20120506-195047.jpgEnglish Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

Latest events in besieged Homs – 6/5/2012

(N.B: Some videos are not included due to their graphic nature)

The regime’s forces have destroyed 31 houses in Al Mubarkeyye village in Homs’s suburbs. They crushed the houses completely using bulldozers, flattening the houses to ground level. Also, most of the houses in the village were destroyed and most of their residents were consequently displaced.
Al Mubarkeyye village’s only fault is that Captain Muhammad Idris is originally from it. That is why the regime’s forces have flattened the village.

-Talbiseh: The UN observers passed by the city of Talbiseh. They were not cooperative with neither the activists nor the Free Syrian Army. The monitors stayed in the city for about 1 and a half hours and only passed by the Al Hajez Al Thakafi barrier and Al Jame’yye barriers. These are only 2 barriers out of a total of more than 15 barriers stationed around the city. Observers then headed to the city of Homs.

–Talbiseh: The barriers and the UN observers there – 6/5/2012

–Talbiseh: Military vehicles and the UN observers’ cars 0 6/5/2012

–Talbiseh: »we couldn’t have made it to this area without the UN observers in here » – 6/5/2012

–Talbiseh: UN observers at Al Jame’yye barrier – 6/5/2012

–Talbiseh: UN observers present at Al Hajez Al Thakafi barrier – 6/5/2012

–Talbiseh: The UN observers refusing to speak to a civilian – 6/5/2012

–Talbiseh: The UN observers and the tanks present – 6/5/2012

–Talbiseh: The Free Syrian Army soldiers welcoming the UN observers – 6/5/2012

-Al Qusour: In the early morning, several mortar bombs targeted the district.
Also, corpse of martyr Jasem El Terkawi was pulled today after it stayed on street for 1 month because no one was able to approach it.

-Al Insha’at district: 2 GMC cars (black in colour) and several other security cars along with about 50 security and Shabiha (thugs) personnel were present in front of Al Safeer hotel. They security and Shabiha (thugs) forces were fully armed.

-Deir Ba’albeh: Huge explosions are being heard in the area (reason behind these explosions is unknown due to the very heavy presence of regime’s security and army militias in the area).

–Deir Bala’beh: The forming of Al Tawheed battalion:

-Rastan: A 4 year old child got injured by a sniper bullet in Rastan. He was targeted by the sniper stationed on high rooftops, overlooking the city. (video not included due to graphic nature)

-Al Mal’ab district: A protest was held in the district and the voices of the protesters were echoing all over., The regime’s army forces targeted the peaceful demonstrators by gunfire.

-Jobar: The destruction in houses caused by the regime’s forces’ bombardment:

-Jobar: Martyrs Mus’ab Hamo and Zakwan Al Awad – +18
(video not included due to graphic nature)

-Al Waer distirct: Beautiful protest in the district – 6/5/2012 (part 1) (part 2)

-Al Qusair: Nighttime protest – 6/5/2012

-Al Qusair: UN observers with activists and Free Syrian Army – Full footage

-Al Houleh: Gliding planes are back, flying over the city, accompanied by helicopters.

–Al Houleh: pilot Nedal Bakkour and the forming of Al Khadra’a battalion in Homs’s suburbs – 6/5/2012

-LEAKED: Footage showing regime’s forces whilst FSA were clashing with them. Video was reportedly taken in Ma’aret Al No’man, Idlib.


* Documentation:

-Martyr: 1 martyr.
-Protests: 2 protests.
-Number of protests targeted by gunfire: 1 protest.
-Number of areas bombarded: 3
-Number of time gunfire was opened: 2
-Number of overall detainees: unknown.
-Number of defections: 1
-Number of time military equipment (tanks,etc) were spotted: 2


* Old videos uploaded today:

-Kal’et Al Hosen: Destruction caused by the random bombardment that targeted one of the houses – 5/5/2012

-Kal’et Al Hosen: Random bombardment – 5/5/2012

-Al Ghanto: Homs: The funeral over martyred who fell in Al Waer district. Martyrs are: Hesham Al Mubarak, Hamseh Al esa, Bassam Al Ali – 5/5/2012

-Soldiers, along with their tank, defecting from Assad’s criminal army in Al Bayyada district in Homs – 5/5/2012

-Teir Ma’aleh and al Ghanto: Funeral procession over the martyrs killed in Al Halmouz area – 5/5/2012

-Houleh: Shelling targeting Al Houleh at night – 5/5/2012

-Jobar: Outcomes of the regime’s forces’ digging in a graveyard for martyrs and kidnapping their corpses – 4/5/2012

-Bab Amr: Outcomes of the barbaric bombardment carried out by regime’s forces – 4/5/2012



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