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Syria, actualisation january 23th: Assad’s army buys 36 Russian jets, bus bombing news: some bodies « twice dead », diplomacy, repression, defections, propaganda, Arab League’s project for UN.


Syrie, actualisation january 23th: Assad’s army buys 36 Russian military planes, bus bombing news: some bodies « twice dead », diplomacy, répression, defections, propaganda, Arab League’s project for UN.Mournings, demonstrations, refugees under snow.

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution


So how was SANA going to cover « Syria Rejects AL Council’s Decision as Violation of International Sovereignty, Blatant Interference in Its Internal Affairs » ??
Simples again…. YOU SAY YOU REJECT IT WITHOUT SAYING WHAT’S IN IT… and then go off into a rant about ALs supporting terrorism in Syria.
Which gives you an article with but one phrase of truth or fact …Syria (the monolithic dictatorship with only one view) rejects the AL Council… (downgrade the reality that it was the Ministerial Arab League) decision. And as no one is named in any of these reports, you stick the Syrian flag in for the picture.
OH!!!! and you headline it ‘Local’ news. 😉

IN SYRIA…. THE DEFECTIONS CONTINUE TODAY… THIS ONE IN MA’ARRAT AL NUMAN, affiliating with the Free Syrian Army  2012-1-23 ادلب معرة النعمان انشقاق وتشكيل سرية سند الاسلام

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

US SENATORS, DISSATISFIED WITH OBAMA’S LEAD AGAINST SYRIAN TERROR AND VIOLENCE, GO IT ALONE… THAT’S DEMOCRACY SYRIA AND RUSSIA… A RIGHT TO A VIEW. We wish them hasty success, as Russia is only waiting for a downpayment to fly in 36 fighter jets…. which will leave the Russian tax payers funding Syrian massacres…but they aren’t allowed to complain either.
Makes you wonder if those late night bank raids by security forces were ‘collections’ for the Russian downpayment… and clearly a raid is planned on Douma Banks….(depositors be warned) as CCTV cameras have been put up … presumably to film ‘armed gangs’ to blame it on. The problem for the soon to be ex-president, is that when you hire criminal gangs to do your dirty work, you can never be sure who they are really working for. The profit creamed off by the shabiha at the cost of the Syrian taxpayers , may not be known for some time.

New York senators introduce bill to crack down on Syria

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

REGIME EXERTING BLACKMAIL AND FALSE ARRESTS ON DOUMANIS TO EVACUATE THEIR HOMES: Douma: Several people from Al-Rehbany and Ezz Edden families were arrested to pressure the families to evacuate their houses near Al-Shefonia roundabout to make it a security center …more details asap..

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

ALEPPO STILL RISING: Women’s demonstration started from Horria (Liberty) Square chanting for toppling the regime, condemning the Arab League’s shameful stances and supporting Zabadani, Idlib and Homs

BAZAA: A morning demonstration started in front of the Grand Mosque; participants demanded the release of detained Sheikh Yassin Al-Ahmad Al-Amoura. Security forces launched tear gas at the demonstrators.

UNIVERSITY: Continuing demonstrations despite shabiha brutality.

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

ALJAZEERA TAKES THE LID OFF THE RT PROPAGANDA MACHINE ‘where the stench of anti-westernism pervades its news reporting’.’

Under Vadimir Putin freedom of the press was stifled as Kremlin approved oligarchs bought up media outlets one by one and none of those channels are about to bout to bite the hand that feeds it …you have to go elsewhere if you want to find out what is going on in Russia’ …’ Editor in Chief tweeting ‘Pro-democracy demonstrators… I hope they burn in hell.’ ‘Everyone in high places in RT is well connected with the leadership.’


English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

AL BUKAMAL: DEIR EZZOR: Burning houses from Regime shelling live on Orient TV…  ديربرس – بث مباشر من مدينة البوكمال على أورينت 23-1

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution via Homs Revolution News أخبار الثورة بحمص لحظة بلحظة

OMG!!!! Defection of police escort of the Monitors in Palmyra!!!! Also a defection in Bab Hood: Homs… followed by clashes, which have subsided…safety of defectors not clear.

حمص تدمر انشقاق عناصر الشرطة مرافقة المراقبين 23/1

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

DOUMA: FUNERAL OF THE TWELVE MARTYRS. Who were killed by Syrian Regime firing and torture on Friday and Saturday… unbelievable, reports of 200,000 mourners.. and carried live by Orient TV…..Unbelievable… دوما: مميز للإعلام – إثنا عشر شهيد 23/1/2012

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution via لجان التنسيق المحلية في سوريا

MORNING DEMO IN KERNAZ: HAMA …… Wow!!!!! حماة كرناز 23 1 2012 صباحية الأحرار…..

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

GO BBC TOO! # BBC demanding apology from #Syria’s Al Dunya & Al Ikhbaria TV: accused us of inciting sectarianism & fabricating stories. Of course, untrue.

#BBC colleague in #Syria attacked by Prez Assad supporters. Committed to reporting all sides of story. Intimidation of local staff must stop.

We keep telling the foreign reporters they are safer under the protection of the activists than with the regime 😉

Syria rejects Arab League demands – live updates

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

WE APPEAL FOR ALL HUMAN RIGHTS AND NGOS AGAINST TORTURE TO INVESTIGATE THE APPALLING CRIMES REVEALED IN IDLEB NATIONAL HOSPITAL WHERE MORE THAN 60 BODIES OF TORTURE VICTIMS HAD BEEN KEPT BY THE SYRIAN REGIME, SOME OF WHOM, AT LEAST, TURNED UP AS ‘TWICE DEADIN THE REGIME DETAINEE BUS BOMBING. The ‘twice dead’ have appeared in other atrocities carried out by the Regime in its ongoing propaganda campaign to promote the idea of ‘armed gangs’ and ‘terrorists’ as the cause of more than 6000 deaths in Syria… with Deputy Foreign Minister (Probably Mikdadi) announcing again yesterday the completely spurious ‘no civilians have bee targetted’ for home propaganda, as the Arab League announced unanimously (bar one abstension) that Assad should cede power.

See Idleb report for 21st January (English & Arabic link)
and for 22nd January

Assad Regime, More Crimes against Humanity, War Crimes & Genocide By: English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution


Martyr Ahmad Salim Al Khateeb was arrested for 20 days before he was killed. He was on the bus that was exploded in Idlib. He was examined by the coroner, and it turned to be that he had been dead for 4 days before the bombing, shot by three bullets and with torture marks prior to the bombing.


English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

IDLEB continues snowy for the second of strike for the Week of Martyrs
Funerals continue… the video is the funeral of the martyr Hussein Ibrahim F. Bakor in TALMINS, who was brutally tortured by the Regime forces and dead within 24 hours of his arrest. Concern continues for his compatriot, Abdulla Hasan Al Nouri Al Mousa, arrested at the same time, and human rights organisations have been informed.
The Free Syrian Army destroyed a checkpoint at the village of SIDA: Ma’arrat Al Numan


KAFR TAKHARIM: A gang member Maher Kmaileh threw a grenade at the funeral of the martyr Tharwat Joma’ah Abdul Rahman Al Na’asan, who was killed at the bus bombing incident Saturday, and the ganger is being sought by the Free Syrian Army.

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

News Headlines: Arab League proposes democracy plan for Syria, including Assad handing over power to Vice President for transition.
Assad says no way
Russians are selling broke Assad 36 Fighter Jets
Sky News trapped in Baba Amr by Flying Checkpoint…Safely away with activist help
Colleagues blame French Journalists death on Syrian Govt Trap
It is still snowing in Idleb, Aleppo, Zabadani and freezing in Deir Ezzor.

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

INCONTROVERTIBLE…. not sure why it has taken them so long to speak up… but thank you…

Patrick Vallelian of the weekly L’Hebdo and Sid Ahmed Hammouche of the daily La Liberte newspaper, who were with Jacquier the day he died, said they believed the attack was part of an elaborate trap set up by Syrian authorities.

“It felt like it was all planned in advance,” Vallelian told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.
He described how a group of foreign journalists including Jacquier were on their way to visit a hospital in Homs on Jan. 11 when their escort of Syrian soldiers and intelligence officials ordered them to make an unscheduled stop to interview traders in a pro-government part of the city.
Shortly afterward, an explosion was heard and soldiers told the foreign journalists to run to the detonation site to film what had happened, Vallelian said …. read the article for more clear evidence.

Colleagues blame Syria for death of French TV reporter Gilles Jacquier

Sky trapped in Baba Amr by Regime Flying Checkpoint…Video on the outskirts of Baba Amr shows shocking ‘war’ damage… it really looks like a war zone, and even the reporters go in wearing flak jackects.

The world should be shocked by these pictures… Video: Away From The Monitors, Syria’s Dead Are Buried – Sky News Video Player

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

One of the few good things about Ria Novosti, is that it always boasts of Russian Weapons Sales….. read this quickly, because a Kremlin mind will wake up and sanction this news soon…. as they did the other day, when Ria or RT proclaimed ‘Russian ship laden with arms arrives in Syria’ … Looks increasingly as if Russia has decided to use Syria as a place to start a global war. Russia to Sell 36 Yak-130 Jets to Syria

Ce sont des avions adaptés a l’attaque au sol (que l’on appelle donc des missions Anti-Guerilla) mais pas au combat aérien.


English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

The main opposition Syrian National Council, which has urged the Arab League for weeks to refer the Syrian crisis to the UN Security Council, welcomed the initiative. ‘This confirms that all Arab countries today consider the tyrannical regime of Bashar al-Assad to be finished and that it must be replaced,’ SNC chief Burhan Ghalioun told a news conference in Cairo, where the foreign ministers met. The Security Council is also split on how to address the crisis, with Western powers demanding tougher sanctions and a weapons embargo, and Assads ally Russia preferring to leave the Arabs to negotiate a peaceful outcome. Asked about a previous Arab threat to impose sanctions on Assad, Sheikh Hamad said: ‘Arab economic sanctions will be imposed via the Security Council.’ Arab League proposes new plan for Syrian transition, IBN Live News

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

SYRIAN SATELLITE TV: Syria rejects the decisions taken by the Arab League council outside the framework of the Arab action plan and the protocol signed with the AL. It finds the latest decisions in breach of its national sovereignty and a flagrant breach of the objectives for which the AL was established and of article 8 of its Charter.
(The fight begins)

مبارح يجي خبر مظاهرة ثلجية أنا استغرب .!!هلق لوصلت الصور لفهمت كيف يعني مظاهرة ثلجية حاشدة انطلقت في جبل الزاوية الذي لم يبق فيه وسائل تدفئة سوى القلوب الدافئة والغضب الشعبي على النظام الظالم…
حتى العساكر يتضورون جوعا ويرتجفون من البردبدك ترحل ولا شو ؟؟؟

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution shared لجان التنسيق المحلية في سوريا‘s note: A statement by (LCC) concerning the resolution of the Arab Ministerial Conference to extend the mand…

A statement by (LCC) concerning the resolution of the Arab Ministerial Conference to extend the mandate of Arab League observers

Once again, the Arab League has failed to put an end to the grave humanitarian crisis of the Syrian people. It has proven to be incompetent in ending the violence of the current regime…

By: لجان التنسيق المحلية في سوريا

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

Remembering Idleb and the families of all the martyrs, whose funeralstook place in the snow today… and we remember the refugees of Idleb in the camps in Turkey, whose condition is not much better than the displaced fled into the hills and forests of Idleb…….God be with you all, and keep you safe and strong through this night and all the nights to come..
The funeral of the martyrs Maher & Mahmoud Hahud in Idlib City today. Mahmoud Ibn Ahmad Shahoud was killed by regime forces during his scouting mission to look for the dead bodies inside National Hospital. Maher Shahoud was killed and tortured when he was one of those arrested by the regime security forces from the hospital. Rest in Peace heroes…….whose incredible, vocal and massively attended funeral in Idlib City, can be seen in the video. لاش مدينة ادلب تشييع الشهيدين محمود وماهر شحود 22 1 2012ج2

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

SANA announces 5,255 Detainees Set Free as of today …..PLEASE WESTERN MEDIA….DO NOT JUST PUBLISH THIS LIKE IT IS A REALITY…..we are still struggling to find more than 200….and meantime hundreds more, probably a thousand in the last month, have been arrested.

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

The BBC got taken to Division 86 in Damascus today, and of course, with their arrival expected, were met by a pro Assad rally……gruesome….feels so sick to see people in Gaddafi style kissing the picture of the murderer and declaring they love him…..can only fear for their sanity.

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

There were several new demonstrators taking part in anti-regime activities across Syria today….. this is one of them…in Binnish :Idleb

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution


English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

Arabs agree on new Syria plan, urge UN support

CAIRO: Arab foreign ministers agreed on Sunday a new political roadmap for Syria that sees President Bashar Assad delegating power to a deputy and setting up a unity government as a prelude to early parliamentary and presidential elections. Arabs agree on new Syria plan, urge UN support – Arab News

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

They laid out an ambitious plan of political reform, calling on President Bashar al-Assad to delegate power to his vice-president.

And they said the government should engage in proper dialogue with the opposition within two weeks, and form a government of national unity in two months.

They said this should eventually lead to multi-party elections overseen by international observers.

The BBC’s Jon Leyne says Mr Assad is likely to dismiss the league’s initiative and say that he has his own political reform agenda. Arab League in Syria reform plea

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

LEBANON: ACCORDING TO SANA: Lebanese Foreign Minister Calls for Annulling Suspension of Syria’s Arab League Membership and Lifting Economic Sanctions
Ahhhhhh…… got that one wrong then.

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

SANA HEADLINE: Russian Union of Writers Honors President al-Assad for Steadfastness in Resisting Global Hegemony Ha ha….The Kremlin is going to be a pretty bad tempered place tonight as well, with Putin’s pet rejected by the AL.

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

Hama: A massive explosion was heard in the Aleppo Road area, and was followed by intense gunfire from automatic weapons. In addition, gunfire is reported at the Bahra and Al-Aalaf roundabouts

(Hmm… defections? Will the number of defections now increase….?)

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

RT HEADLINE NOW: Arab League extends monitor mission syria for extra month amid oppostion calls for UN involvement

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

Initial responses are not positive from activists, who see this as a pipe dream, however, compared to the expected let’s just continue the mssion that most were expecting, this is massive…. implementation will be difficult… but to decry it now would commit the error of so many past revolutions, of throwing the baby out with the bathwater…. a challenge to everyone to come out of demonstrator mode, wait to hear more, and start serious quiet talking… while carefully watching Regime and other responses. And always the problem that stronger sounding AL statements tend to disappear in front of our eyes as the detail is revealed.

English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

BREAKING!!! to be confirmed: Arab League says will ask #UN to support their decisions on #Syria


Voir aussi: Les soutiens militaires étrangers à la dictatures d’al-Assad.



From → "@>Réseaux sociaux, "@Facebook, "@Youtube, "{, "{_BBC, "{_Human Rights Watch (HRW), ##, #Ligue arabe, #USA, #|Syrie, #|[02b/Douma District - Duma, #|[02b}Al-Rehbany, #|[02b}Al-Shefonia, #|[02b}Ezz Edden, #|[02g/Az-Zabadan District - Zabadani, #|[02Rif Dimashq دمشق -, #|[06/Homs Governorate مُحافظة حمص -, #|[06a/Homs District, #|[09/Hama حماه Ḥamā -, #|[09b/Hama Dictrict, #|[10/Idlib إدلب-, #|[10c/Idlib District (منطقة ادلب‎) -, #|[10c03Binnish nahiyah (ناحية بنش) -, #|[11/Aleppo Governorate حلب -, #|[11}Alep حلب -, #|[11}}Bazaa, #|[13/Deir ez-Zor Governorate مُحافظة دير الزور -, #|[13b/Deir ez-Zor District -, #|[13b}Al-Bukamal, @"Révolution, @#"Syria revolution, @#-(ASL/FSA)Armée Syrienne Libre, @#-(CNS/SNC) Conseil national syrien, @#-Activists, @#Dissidence, @#Manifestation, @--English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution, Kernaz, military planes, Observateurs de la ligue arabe, Sénat, \<#Désertion/ defection, \<Dictatorship, \<[Régime Poutine, \[Axe Assad-Poutine, \[Régime Assad:, \[[{Syrian Armed Forces (القوات المسلحة العربية السورية‎), \[_shabiha (شبيحة)/ shabih’/ shabeeha/ chabiha/ shabbiha/ shabi7a/, \\Active Measures, \\[Désinformation et Mythes..., \\[]#Mythe du "complot étranger"......, \\[]...contre la Syrie., \\[]...des "révolutions colorées"., \\[}Village Potemkine, \]Subversion, \]]Déstabilisation et provocations, \]][Rumeurs..., \}Normalisation, \}]Réfugiés, \}]Répression, \}]\Torture, \}]_Arrestations/ Prisonniers, \}]_[Rafles, \}}Soutien militaire étranger, \}}Terreur, \}}_Assassinat/ Exécutions/, \}}_Livraison d'armes

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