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Regime attack on Idlib national hospital and prisonners killed in a bus explosion


We are all Hamza Alkhateeb

@AP @AC360 ASSOCIATED PRESS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES. WELL DONE …REPORT SANA’S LIES ON THE ATTACK ON THE DETAINEES IN SYRIA… AND IGNORE THAT 60 BODIES WERE THEN FOUND IN IDLIB NATIONAL HOSPITAL AND THE REGIME FORCES OPENED FIRE ON THE PEOPLE IN THE HOSPITAL KILLING MORE. And keep on reporting the Regime stooge AbdulRahmin. Anyone who has a subscription with AP should cancel it … anyone who believes one word from SANA wants their head testing because they have lost all sense and logic. AP need to check their facts and their sources more rigorously or resign from being a news agency because they are not meeting required journalistic standards.

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English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

REGIME ATTACK ON IDLIB NATIONAL HOSPITAL, which injured 24 civilians and 8 Free Army members, which occurred after the people had discovered the 60 bodies of tortured demonstrators, including women and children, which had been stored for some time.

ENN & SRGC After the initial attack (see previous post) ‘Later, The Regime Forces tried to regain control over the hospital and fired but the Free Syrian Army stood against them and stopped them. A lot were people were injured and rebels were trapped in their attempt to retrieve their sons’ bodies from the hospital.Regime forces members launched flares in Idlib asking for support.

This was followed by the arrest of more than 50 civilians who were used as shields to protect the regime members while retreating from the hospital. The brave hero, rebel and father Mahmoud Ibn Ahmad Shahoud was killed during his scout mission to look for the dead bodies inside National Hospital. Also, Maher Shahoud was killed and tortured. His dead body shows clearly torture marks, his fingers are cut, and he is one of those who were arrested today by the regime security forces from the hospital.’

(There are no words for this horror… or the Regime’s attempts to cover it up… or for why these atrocities are not being uncovered by the Monitors….)

For the full report with names of martyrs of the bus bombing, and the names of those injured in the Regime attacks, and all videos and pictures link to the Arabic original.

مدينة ادلب اطلاق الناركثيف 21 1 2012

About the bus bombing, on ShaamNewsNetwork’s link: « […] PLUS: 60 CORPSES WERE DISCOVERED AT NATIONAL HOSPITAL

At 9:30 am three big explosions were heard in the city followed by shooting coming from the Kornish and also coming from the entrance of Ariha Road.It turns to be that the Regime Forces have deliberately bombed a bus that was carrying many detainees.
What is so obvious that the regime army troop that was accompanying the detainees was not even hurt or anything!!! […]  »


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