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Bloody Bashar Sacrifices Region to Stay in Power


English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution (Albums)

UPDATE: Hezbollah terrorist forces have entered Syria from Lebanon and occupied a military camp in Madaya, the Gateway to Zabadani to ‘protect’ an apparent ‘Iranian Military Base’ in Syria, assisted by the Lebanese Govt agreeing to cutting mobile coverage along the Syrian Lebanese.

One Lebanese fisherman was killed and two tortured by Syrian forces, without so much as a whimper from the Lebanese government. Hence, today’s update can only be that Bashar has decided to sacrifice the region, rather than just the nation, to stay in power. And, in addition to Bashar’s own declaration that he consults daily with the Russians and follows their advice, the Iranian high level Official spokesman is claiming the coordination and advice of Russia and China in the Hezbollah outing, as part of their coordinated efforts to save Assad.

The politics we can’t confirm, but Hezbollah in Madaya, and the death of the Lebanese fisherman at the hands of Syria we can. Hezbollah and Iranian mercenaries have been fighting with Syrian forces for sometime… as have hundreds of Iraqi mercenaries. So guess Assad will drag Iraq into his power play next… with Russian and Chinese support of course.

All the Revolution wanted was change to freedom and democracy by peaceful means. All the Free Syrian Army wanted was to be able to refuse orders to kill and shell unarmed civilians without immediate martyrdom for their conscience. And what everybody needed was a full UN condemnation, Trade Sanctions, Arms Embargo and referral to the ICC back in June/July, fully backed by the Arab League. That it has reached today’s sorry place, has taken a lot of international and Arab cowardice and collusion, and although everyone ends up with blood on their heads and hands, it is the peaceful demonstrators of Syria, and their now Free Army protectors, who will pay the price for this international debacle.

Voir aussi: Les soutiens militaires étrangers à la dictatures d’al-Assad.



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