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Hommages syriens au journaliste Gilles Jacquier et ses collaborateurs tués par la dictature


Le mouvement démocratique de Homs a installé une tente en hommage au journaliste Gilles Jacquier et ses collaborateurs

Syria Mourning Tent for French Reporter Killed by Assad Mortar – Grenade Attack 12-Jan-12 Homs



Ajoutée par le 12 janv. 2012

The pro Democracy Movement in Homs set up this Mourning Tent for the Martryed French Reporter Gilles Jacquier on January 12, 2012. The protesters in Syria consider the death of this international reporter to be another plot by the cunning and diabolical Assad police state regime to scare away international reporters from covering the Regimes genocidal attacks on the Syrian people as well as to attempt to discredit the pro Democracy movement. Readers who are trying to figure out who is behind the attack on the French Reporter should ask themselves the old Roman adage: Qui Bono ? (who benefits?) We protesters have been begging for reporters to come to Syria for 10 months and are ecstatic that they are now in the country even if their movements are limited by the Assad secret police but it is Assad who is trying to figure out a way to impede the reporters so what better than another one of his false flag attacks , this time to kill and scare away the international press.

Dictator Bashar Assad killed a French Reporter and wounded many other people in a grenade attack on the foreign journalists intented to scare off the international press and to prevent them from reporting on the Assad terror regime campaign of genocide against the Syrian people.
A French TV cameraman became the first Western journalist killed in the 10-month-old Syrian uprising Wednesday, dying in a barrage of grenades during a government-sponsored trip to the restive city of Homs, officials and a witness said.
Gilles Jacquier,who was killed, worked for the France 2 public television channel.
About 15 journalists were on the government trip when they were hit by several grenades, according to Jens Franssen, who was on the tour. « At some point, three or four (grenade) shells hit, very close to us, » Franssen told the Belgian VRT network.

Video footage posted on YouTube appeared to show the aftermath of the attack, with people frantically loading the injured into cars. Pools of blood stained the ground. The authenticity of the footage, however, could not be verified.

A Dutch freelance journalist was also wounded in Homs on Wednesday, although it wasn’t clear if he was part of the trip.


Nine people were killed, including French journalist Gilles Jacquier, when shells struck a pro-regime rally in the Syrian city of Homs on Wednesday.

French television network France 2 confirmed their journalist Jacquier had died covering the rally, while Belgian journalist Steven Visner from Belgian radio was also seriously wounded.

« Another journalist from Belgium is in a very bad situation, » Mazen Darwish, director of the Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Speech, told Al-Akhbar.

Jacquier is the first foreign journalist to have been killed in Syria since the uprising began last March.

Darwish, citing local sources, said RPGs were fired on the protest in the Akramah neighborhood by unknown armed men.

The journalists were in Syria legally after receiving permission from the Ministry of Information, Darwish said.

« Last week the Ministry of Information allowed 135 journalists to enter Syria, some of them got permission for a few days. These two journalists were among them, » he said.

Darwish expressed concern that the attack will deter journalists from trying to reach Syria to cover the crisis.

« We’ve been fighting a long time for independent journalists to come to Syria. I will be sorry if journalists stop coming to Syria and getting coverage from inside Syria, » he said.

Foreign journalists have been unable to freely cover the crisis in Syria, with few exceptions granted to those willing to be escorted by the regime.

In explaining his ban on foreign media coverage in Syria, President Bashar Assad said the media lacked legitimacy.

« We chose to keep the media out because they lack legitimacy to report [on the crisis] from outside, let alone inside the country, » he said in a Tuesday speech.

Saleem Kabbani, a member of the opposition Local Coordination Committees (LCC) reportedly in Homs, told Al-Akhbar he was not aware of the attack.

« Protest with the regime? I don’t know anything about it, » he said.

But the LCC member insisted on blaming the regime for the attack, stating that Assad is « killing people loyal to him in order to create internal and sectarian strife. »

The attack was an attempt to « scare off pro-regime loyalists who have not joined the revolution yet, » Kabbani said.

When asked for further details, Kabbani said he would not be able to get information from pro-regime neighborhoods as he « would get slaughtered. »
2 1 Homs أوغاريت حمص حي الصفصافة , خيمة عزاء من اجل الصحفي جيل جاكيي


احراق صورة بشار – ليون – فرنسا – 14/01/2012 Hommage à Gilles Jacquier



Ajoutée par le 16 janv. 2012

احراق صورة بشار – ليون – فرنسا – 14/01/2012 Hommage à Gilles Jacquier


Hommage à Gilles Jacquier

discours en français, à Lyon.



Ajoutée par le 15 janv. 2012

Reporter à France 2 tué par les forces à Bashar le mercredi 11 janvier 2012 alors qu’il s trouvait à Homs (Syrie). Nous avons nous association FREE SYRIA LYON voulu lui rendr hommage lors d’une cérémonie qui s’est déroulée samedi 14 janvier 2011 à Lyon ‘place Bellecour’.


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