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The Arab League’s observers at the central prison in Aleppo.


Via English Speakers to Help The Syrian Revolution

The Arab League’s observers committee visited, at 1 pm today 9 Jan 2011, the central prison in Aleppo in Al-Maslamiya area. The prison administration, complying with the orders of the intelligence agency, covered with curtains the section designated for political prisoners, prisoners of conscious, and the detainees from the revolution, so the committee would not see them.
The committee, according to available information, consisted of 3 persons, a Sudanese, a Tunisian, and an Iraqi. When the committee arrived, those in the political section of the prison went collectively to out of their section and into the prison’s main lobby and started chanting loudly “God is greater [than the oppressor],” and “The people want to topple the regime.” So the director of the prison and the officers came and begged the prisoners to be silent. The prisoners refused and the prison administration ordered the prisoners in the drug, murder, and theft sections to chant for Bashar Al-Assad to drown the voice of the political prisoners, but the political prisoners shouted higher and the other sections could not keep up so they stopped chanting for Bashar. As a result, the committee knew of the political prisoners’ existence, and asked to meet a number of them, the meeting took place and the committee was informed about the tragedies the political prisoners went through both old prisoners and the newer ones arrested after the revolution. A large number of those prisoners were detained in the infamous Sidnaya prison and they were transferred from there to the provinces, and a portion of those prisoners ended up in Aleppo’s central prison. Some of the prisoners transferred from Sidnaya prison were unfairly subjected to [military] field trials, some did not have a trial at all and their files are unknown and the regime stall in taking steps in their cases. Note that, in accordance with ending of the state of emergency and the abolishment of the state security court, those prisoners should have been freed but till now many of them are still imprisoned despite the claims by the regime of issuing many amnesty decrees.


See also Observateurs de la Ligue arabe à la prison centrale de Homs.


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