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Syrie – massacres de décembre


( violence 18+)

( dates de mise en ligne des vidéos.)


7 décembre

Un coeur humain a été trouvé sous un pont à Deraa:

(12-07-11) Sanamayn | Daraa | (GRAPHIC) Human Heart Found Thrown Under Bridge – ENGLISH Subtitles

Ajoutée par le  7 déc. 2011!/SyriaDayofRage Syrian victims are screaming for your help. Will you answer? A human heart, syringes, gloves, and coats are found thrown under the ‘White’ bridge in Daraa. More reforms from Dr. Butcher who claims he is protecting the people.


Le corps d’un prisonnier rendu à sa famille en janvier 2012: son torse a été découpé pour extraire son coeur (vidéo).


6 décembre

18+ Syria pt1 Homs Massacre – Assad Slaughters Civilians 5-Dec-11 Khalidiya

Une voiture civile touchée par un obus ou une roquette:

Ajoutée par le  6 déc. 2011

18+ Adults Only – Warning – Not for Shock – Contains Graphic Images – Documentary Evidence of Crimes Against Humanity Committed by Syria Dictator Bashar Assad in Khalidiya in the Homs Region of Syria on December 5, 2011
These men were slaughtered by the Assad Security Forces who are carrying out a genocidal campaign of terror against the Syrian population of the Homs Region, arresting, torturing and killing dozens of inhabitants every single day.

This is one reason that the Syrian people are demonstrating and calling for NATO and for the Arab League and Turkey to send military forces into Syria to establish a Humanitarian Corridor and a Buffer Zone as well as a NO FLY ZONE to protect our civilian population from further massacres like the one in this video clip.

Homs Massacre 5/12 مجزرة جديده في حمص على يد عصابات الأ
More Killing in Syria 5-12-2011
news for 12-5-11
Local Coordination Committees
Thus far today, 17 martyrs, including a child and a woman, have been killed by gunfire by the regime’s army and security forces, 14 in Homs and 2 martyrs in Hama and martyr in Idlib

Martyrdom of Khaldon Anko, 27 years old, affected by a wound he got while he was arrested in Air Intelligence branch, and his funeral will start from Al-Horany Hospital tomorrow morning
a big demonstration took off from Ihsan mosque in Al Bayad neighbourhood heading towards freedom square in Bab Qibli. demonstrators are chanting in solidarity with Homs and to bringing Assad to trial
complete electricity blackout from Hai Qibli neighbourhood after thousands gathered there for a big night demonstration

more than 150 security forces agents and thugs accompanied by a big number of security cars and three trucks are barricading Port Said street next to Batta building and not allowing cars to pass by

Diaa Mohammad Alhoussein (31 years old) was martyred today by the bullets of security forces who were shooting randomly today in the Srereef village

the army is withdrawing from the city to the surrounding after this morning’s invasion which was accompanied with dense shooting and a violent arrest campaign. The town is now completely besieged by the army which closed all entrances to the town

army and security forces invaded the town while shooting heavily, looting and setting private properties on fire. secuity forces carried on a random arrest campaign

Damascus Suburbs
a dense deployment for security forces, thugs and army soldiers on the main road, they are besieging the main mosques where demonstrations usually start

Complete electricity blackout from the university residence and dense security deployment there after a student demonstration took off

more than 30 people were arrested today in a campaign that is the most violent since the city’s invasion months ago

security forces and the army are surrounding Al Khalidiyeh neighbourhood with armoured vehicles and shooting heavily. This is accompanied by a complete electricity blackout from the teachers residences area for the third day in a row
many wounded while Al Khalidiyeh neighbourhood was invaded from the direction of Hama road, armoured vehicles went in from the mills direction. This invasion was accompanied by firing many nail bombs and heavy artillery towards the neighbourhood accompanied with heavy shooting

thugs kidnapped a micro-bus working on the Hawleh route. 14 passengers were on the bus including 6 female students, the driver Ammar Awad Ismaeel is a native of Taldo
Destruction in Karam Zaiton in Homs


4 décembre

حمص ديربعلبة شارع الستين 4-12-2011 استمرار تعذيب المعتقلين حتى الموت من قبل
قوات الأمن ورميهم في الشوارع هذا الفيديو يظهر جثتين على شارع الستين وهما من
اهالي ديربعلبة من عائلة أل الطيار

DEIR BA’ALBAH: HOMS: More bodies dumped at the junction on Al Seteen Street,,,, favourite dumping ground of the Shabiha,,, but these two have ids and are known locally. Rest in Peace. One man says « Don’t approach them, the snipers are stil in the school. » The other Homsi replies « I don’t care »….



Voir aussi d’autres vidéos de Syrie – Vidéos: Massacres, repression. Archives de 2011. Autres documents vidéos: Manifestations syriennes, 2011.

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  1. bandes de fils de putes ! toutes vos propagandes seront connues un jour et je vous souhaite d’avoir à en répondre devant la loi et la justice et que vous le paierez très cher !

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